Yellow Rose Twirl Dress

So we came up with the name Yellow Rose for our light yellow twirl dress because I'm a Texas native and we were inspired by the song "The Yellow Rose of Texas".
Have you ever heard of it?
I love incorporating flowers and nature into our twirl dress names because our goal in creating OllieJay is to make dresses for young girls to encourage a magical childhood, and I think nature is the most magical thing we have.
Have you heard the saying a flower doesn't compare itself to another flower, it just blooms? I think that sums up childhood so perfectly, the time in life when we dance like no one's looking, and just enjoy the sweet moments of life like twirling around barefoot in a flower field or admiring the beauty in each blade of grass or leaf or pebble we come across. 
Our dream in creating these twirl dresses is to be a part of those magical moments, from the everyday to the special milestone moments and everything in between.
So we hope you enjoy seeing our twirl dress in the action with our roundup of customer faves below!
girl twirling in yellow dress in front of playhouse covered in pastel faux flowers
Did you have a playhouse like this growing up? I loved "baking cakes" and playing "schoolhouse" in my little playhouse, but oh my gosh the flowers on top just take it to a whole other level of cuteness! 
toddler in yellow twirl dress spinning around in front of her front door
Looking for a great way for the little one to burn off some energy? Just put on an OllieJay twirl dress and step out onto your front porch for some energy burning twirl fun - and snap a couple cute pics while you're at it, because these are the days you'll want to remember forever!
cute kid in yellow dress leaning on white picket fence wearing flower shaped sunglasses
Just hangin' around town with your favorite littles? OllieJay twirls make the perfect little yellow dresses for impromptu photoshoots! And aren't these sunnies and hair clips the cutest??
cute kid in yellow twirl dress and multi colored hair turban playing in backyard
First of all, I'm in love with this boho chic turban paired with city slicker tennies and our yellow twirl! Secondly, I need someone to help me with getting my lawn to look as green as this. Seriously, I can't keep anything green! Send help!
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