Pink Peony Twirl Dress

      My daughter Olivia is one of the girliest little girls I know, she is always in dresses, putting on pretend makeup and plastic jewelry, putting "beautiful" accessories in her hair, and just generally being fancy. One of her favorite things to do from the time she was a toddler is wear her dresses and twirl around like a princess, so from the joy in her face and the smile on her lips I knew I wanted to create something magical for her. Something that would make her feel like a princess and look put together, that she could wear anywhere, anytime.  

      We first set out to design our version of the perfect tea party dress, but we also wanted to make a dress that would work transitionally, from playground to tea party. A twirling dress that was comfortable, stylish and pretty that both moms and kids would love! When I asked Olivia what color we should offer first, it was predictably, PINK!

     To her credit, our pink peony twirl dress is one of our most popular color styles! It's also a great coordinating option with our polka dot print dress we just released. This was a labor of love and I am truly grateful to everyone reading this.


Take a look at some of our favorite looks in the Pink Peony color way in the images below

little girl twirling in pink dress and little girl in lavender twirl dress

Our pink peony twirl dress pairs perfectly with our lavender twirly dress, pastels are always in season! 

young blonde girl in pink dress

 The back detail on this twirl dress is so sweet, I love the V shape that gives an extra special touch to this magical twirling dress!

young girl in light pink dress sitting on rock in front of ocean

 At the ocean, climbing hills, cuddled in bed, in grandma's backyard... this twirl dress is perfect for any backdrop.

young girl in pink dress and baby at strawberry field

 So many adventures are waiting our there for you and your little ones, I hope our twirl dresses add a bit of magic to your special memories.

little girl dancing in pink twirl dress on coffee table

What's cuter than a toddler dance party? Rock on little mama!

young girl modeling pink dress in brightly lit bedroom

 Childhood only lasts for a little while, enjoy it while it lasts.

curly haired girl dancing in twirl dress in front of balloon collage that shows number four

Celebrating big milestones, little victories and the everyday moments in between, we hope you'll love our twirl dresses for all the big days and the small ones too. 

girl standing on grass in pink twirling dress

I love this sweet look and our twirl dress pairs so well with this bright pink velvet bow, don't you think?


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Now, let's go play!