One Year!!!

one year celebration with kids
It's Official! Ollie Jay launched one year ago! Since then we've created 13 dresses and learned a lot in the process. It's been such a fun experience, I'm so glad I have the opportunity to meet so many new people from around the world (virtually at least!) and to have our dresses in some of your most precious moments - from birthday parties and special occasions, to the everyday fun stuff that we don't want to forget.
one balloon
To celebrate this milestone, I created a fun at home celebration for my girls, Olivia and Camila, to enjoy and celebrate with me this milestone I'm so thankful to have experienced!
rainbow cake and sprinkles
I made this cute little rainbow cake while they napped, added some fun sprinkles and topped it off with a little buttercream rainbow!
cupcake decorating
After we took our commemorative photo, I had the girls decorate some of their own little cupcakes. Olivia was all into piling up the icing as far as she could get it to go!
baby eating a cupcake
Camila, in true form, just dug right in and licked the frosting later.
kids eating cupcake frosting
Olivia took her love of icing to a new level and just poured it right into her mouth. Ohhhh my gosh, the sugar rush was upon us. 
cupcake decorating setup
This is how I set up the cupcake decorating station, just some left over piping bags from my rainbow creation, some sprinkles and a few rainbow marshmallows from my moms latest care package.
kid friendly cupcake decoration
This was Olivia's final creation... stunning am I right?
little girl eating her cupcake
And this is what she was waiting for all along!
happy kid in lemon dress
Did we have fun? yes ma'am! Did we have a great year? You betcha! Are we ready to take on year 2... ummm I literally could not be more excited!!!
Thank you for reading and celebrating with us! I am so grateful!