Meet the Designer: Kelsey Klos

Kelsey Klos x Ollie Jay


I couldn't be more excited to be working with Kelsey again - this girl is magic!

In 2021, Kelsey and I started collaborating on our newest strawberry print (and one more new print coming in July!) My favorite part about working with Kelsey is her attention to detail - the little strawberry flowers were the perfect accent to make this pattern shine!


ollie jay kelsey klos chalk by design flat lay strawberry patch dress

Before we got to this print there were a few we've worked on over the years, but we initially connected in 2019 when I was looking for guest bloggers, and Kelsey had an upcoming birthday party for her daughter so I sent her a dress and she photographed and featured on our budding website, and even got picked up by Kara's Party ideas, a popular blog site about events!


Pictured: Kelsey's daughters in an original Ollie Jay twirl


Once I saw how talented Kelsey was I asked her if she would design some patterns for me, the first of which was our daisy print. An all time fave, my daughter wear this print constantly!


                               Pictured: Kelsey's daughters in Daisy


Right after the daisy print collab, we went on to a fan fave the bow print..

(Maybe look out for this in a new color way next year?)


pictured: Ollie in Kelsey's bow print, I love a good skirted leo!

ollie jay bow print by kelsey klos

Finally, for now, Kelsey created this little work of art:


Pictured: My youngest in Kelsey's Strawberry Patch print with matching strawberry ice cream all over her mouth!

ollie jay strawberry patch dress


Here's a little Q and A from Kelsey and me:
How did you first get interested in this design?
I have been designing since I can remember. My mother and father are designers so not only did I grow up with it, it runs through my DNA. I have always had a passion for creating and making beautiful things. 
I have been doing freelance graphic design since I was out of college and have done tons of projects on the in between, but my favorite clients are small shops. I have had the pleasure of designing for Against The Grain, Ellie and Piper Co, Ryan and Wren, Little Blue Olive, Zozu co and of course, Ollie Jay! 
Your main creative outlet is party planning right?
Yes, I grew more passionate about planning parties when I had my girls. In the more recent years, since we started House Of Fete, I am using my design skills to create parties. I will design every detail. Starting with sketching out the overall party down to designing the napkins or stir sticks- the details and design in those really make a party amazing. One of my favorite projects is designing and hand painting a backdrop for Care Bears!
Where do you usually work from?
I work from home. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table aka desk. My mother worked from home my entire life so it is not a foreign concept to me. I love being able to be home with my girls, and have made our home space as work friendly as possible, cue the party closet!
How do you manage being a mom and working?
It can be a struggle, there is no shortage of snacks and screen time when mama has an important call. Everything about my design career is flexible and I love the option to go outside with my girls, or take a crafting break whenever I need to. 
Whats something you're really excited for?
I am currently planning my middle and youngest birthday parties, their birthdays bring me the most joy. I love designing as much as I possibly can for their birthdays and not only are we throwing an amazing party, I am creating core memories. 
I hope you enjoyed learning more about our journey together! If you'd like to see more of Kelsey's work make sure and visit her site: 
or follow her on IG: klosandco
or, shop her Strawberry Patch collection with Ollie Jay!
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