Meet The Designer: Isabel Serna, Black Lamb Studio

Meet Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio for Ollie Jay
Miami Based Surface Pattern Designer + Illustrator Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio is one of my favorite artists to work with because of her beautiful color choices and fun illustrations! I think her style speaks to both adults and kids alike and just screams FUN!!
I wanted to share her story with you all because she is just too cool and I'm so proud to have her work displayed on my brand!
colorful critters pattern for Ollie Jay by Black Lamb Studio
OJ: How long have you been designing and how did you first get interested in this field?
BLS: I've been designing professionally for 12 years. I graduated college with a degree in industrial design and started working as a luggage designer. A big part of my job was to design the bag's interior lining patterns and this is where I discovered a passion for surface pattern design!
OJ: That's awesome, I'm glad you found your passion! I know you've worked with a lot of brands, who are some of your faves? 
BLS: I've been lucky to design for companies such as Hallmark, Anthropology, Kate Spade, Huggies, Hersheys, Casetify, Mixbook, and Workman Publishing.
artwork by Black Lamb Studio
OJ: Wow you are killing it!! Tell me what's your favorite thing to design or what is your favorite thing about designing?
BLS: I really love designing patterns with cute animals or plants. 
OJ: Those are so fun and adorable, I've got to do a plant print soon!! Do you work from home?
BLS: Yes! I have a wonderful home studio filled with light that makes me feel creative.
OJ: Tell me about something you're excited about coming up, or that's happened recently that you are excited about! 
BLS: Personally, I've been remodeling my dream 100 year old home for the past year and we're finally finishing up and dreaming about furnishings, decorating etc. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but also the most satisfying. 
Professionally, I have a few more Hershey's designs coming soon that I can't wait to share!
Isabel Serna of Black Lamb Studio
OJ: I love watching your home evolve in your IG stories! I know the final product is going to knock my socks off! We both share the same hometown, Miami, so what's your favorite thing to do in here?
BLS: My favorite thing to do in Miami is walking around Wynwood and taking pictures of all the cool murals always on display :-)
OJ: Yes!! Seeing other artists' work is always so inspiring! Thank you for answering a few of my questions today, I'm so thrilled to be able to work with you and I can't wait to see how you grow and all the new prints you design!
Take a look at some of the beautiful prints Isabel has made for us:
toucan print BLS
cute critter print BLS
summer chicken print BLS