Lavender Twirl Dress // Kids Style // Nostalgic Apparel

Lavender is the color and scent that envokes the feeling of relaxation, creativity, youthfulness, optimism and joy. It's a popular color year round and it's not hard to understand why. One of our most popular colorways, take a look at some ways to style your little one in our lavender twirl dress!
blonde little girl in lavender twirl dress and felt flower bows
First of all: Accessories! A girl can never have too many bows, am I right?
These felt flower clips from AlexanderSaraBows are divine!
little girl in lavender twirl dress blowing bubbles
Whenever I get questions on how to take a toddlers photo I always give the same advice: Snacks and Bubbles! There ya go my friends!
little blonde girl in lavender twirl dress smelling lavender flowers in a lavender field
Have you ever been to a lavender flower field before? Makes you wanna run right over doesn't it? I can practically smell the lavender from here!
This is one of my all time faves! I think it totally captures the essence of OllieJay - from the joyful smile and full twirl action right on down to the barefeet on soil with flower fields in the background. Gosh can life get anymore perfect than this?
little girl in front of brick wall wearing lavender twirl dress
I've gotten asked many times before, what exactly IS a twirl dress? Doesn't every dress twirl? Well, a twirl dress has much more fabric than a traditional dress, so that when girls spin around their skirt flies around in a circle, and its just a fun, silly and sweet activity to create some happy memories!
toddler girl walking down a sidewalk by the beach in a lavender twirling dress
I feel transported back in time with this sweet retro vibe! And this shows how versatile the lavender twirl dress goes with everything! Add some pink shoes and a green handkerchief tied in your ponytail and you're set to go!
girl holding number 5 balloon and birthday hat standing on a bridge
For me, the 5th birthday is the BIG ONE!
The one where she's not so little anymore, well on her way to big girl status. The one with all the waterworks and feels. Or is that every birthday?
But still, even if you cry at every milestone like me,
#5 is just the first of many amazing milestones and
I'm so thankful to see ya'll celebrating in our twirly dresses! 
toddler in a field playing with a basket of flowers in a purple dress
And lastly, one of my fave shop shop mamas over and KnoxandNavy used our lavender twirl for her family photos and this one just melted me!
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