Eucalyptus Twirl Dress + Peter Pan Collar - Fan Faves

One of the two dresses form our most recent collection has already started giving us alllll the fall feels! We love seeing our little customers all dolled up in their Ollie Jay twirl dresses surrounded by fallen leaves and pumpkins and bakes goodies! I can't wait to show you how our little ones have been styling their favorite twirl dress!


toddler in green twirl dress, yellow tights and embroidered bonnet sitting on bench

Henley paired her new twirl dress with fall friendly yellow tights and a beautiful embroidered bonnet. I think she's ready to get into some fun!

toddler twirling in green dress, orange socks and boots with bow in hair

This spunky toddler is showing off her new twirl moves! Doesn't this make you wanna sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte? mmm! Fall is in the air!


5 year old girl twirling in a park wearing green holiday dress and bow

I love the way Kennedy's mama captured this moment! It took my breath away seeing this twirl in motion, and the styling of the bow and shoes together is just spectacular. Do you agree?

seven year old girl standing in street modeling her green dress with scoop back

When the everyday becomes an exceptional day, just put on your Ollie Jay! This sweet capture just melted my heart.

cute kid in green dress touching pumpkins on front porch

Yes! For all things fall, this is such a winning look! Isn't this a darling capture? I love creating magical moments for my little ones, and creating a well designed front porch for them to come home to is such a sweet touch. I think it just helps everyone get in the right mood for autumn!


young girl standing near fence modeling back of her new dress

Piper is the sweetest little model, the back of this dress is so special to me. Originally we made it as a high back with button clasp, then at the last minute we decided to mix it up and add the Peter Pan collar all the way around and scoop the back. I'm so glad we did!


3 year old standing in field of leaves looking into her hand

She's got the whole world in her hands.....


2 year old playing kitchen in her bedroom with a pretty green dress

Who hasn't wanted to put on her prettiest dress and make pretend cupcakes and muffins? Just like mom right?


toddler sitting in a bed of fallen leaves in a cute twirl dress

The leaves have changed colors and started falling to the floor, little presents from nature for little ones to kick and twirl and stomp and jump in!


toddler walking near a creek with hands in pockets of her green fall dress

This look reminds me of a green Alice in Wonderland look, right? With the stockings and the black Mary Jane shoes and that collar? I'm so in love with this style!


cute red headed child smiling and playing in her new dress in her front yard

Rounding out our list is the cutest little cowgirl I've seen! This little babe was a little under the weather (darn change of seasons!), but give a girl a new dress and she will play! What a way to bring a smile to her face!


Thank you to all the mamas who tagged me and sent photos of your little ones in their Ollie Jay dresses! I am so excited to see what's in store for our next collection, but for now I am soaking in all the fall vibes I can!