Delphinium Twirl Dress

As a part of our initial launch collection, we wanted to include a solid colored twirl dress that would pop and wow! We already had a pastel (peony) pink color, but we just had to include this bright pink delphinium twirl dress too! 
This dress is an attention grabber, the bright pop of color, the full twirl and V back detail, not to mention the super soft material that makes even the pickiest dressers jump for joy!
Enjoy the roundup of this popular twirl dress style and don't forget to tag us @olliejayofficial for a chance to be featured!
girl in bright pink dress and black kneehighs twirling in front of bright pink art installation
I love everything about this shot - the vibrancy, the knee highs, the artwork in the background. This just screams fun to me!
toddler in pink dress posing for the camera hearing felt flower headband
This lil cutie has her modeling skills down! And oh my gosh that wavy hair is killing me! I need to figure out how to replicate this look for myself!
little girl in pink dress playing in front of a pink cabin
Cute little girl in a cute little dress in front of a cute little pink cabin.
Yep, pink cabins are a thing now and I'm alllll about it!
two little girls in pink twirl dresses playing on the grass outside
Did you have a sister growing up? 
I only had brothers so luckily I didn't have to hide my favorite dresses. But now I'm sad because look how adorable these sisters looking in their coordinating twirl dresses! It's too much!
twins in matching pink twirl dresses standing in front of mint colored wall
Double the cuteness with these twinnies!
young girl in pink twirl dress playing on the beach shoreline
When it's too cold to go full stream into the water, just throw on your favorite twirly dress and stick your toes in the water. The cool splashes of water on your legs will bring all the joy without the shivers!
three year old girl holding first day of school sign in pink dress and pink bow
One of my favorite tags are the milestone moments - first days of school, welcoming a new siblling, birthday parties! Thank you for including us in your most special days!