Fun Hairstyles for Girls in 2019!

Ollie Jay is all about having fun and enjoying the magic of childhood! One of my favorite things as a kid was sitting down with my mom coming up with all kinds of hairstyles, some days I wanted crazy wacky hair and other days I wanted to look like a princess. What little girl doesn't love getting dressed up from head to toe, whether for a special occasion or just a little fun! 

So we wanted to create a round up of some fun looks and hairstyles for young girls to inspire your creativity! We've got lots of braids from simple and easy to complicated and crazy! Hope your enjoy these highlights!


1. I love the way Stephanie Hanna incorporated fun twists into this braid style, part traditional part funky with school girl charm! My favorite yellow twirl dress by yours truly, Ollie Jay and the blue twirl dress is from of my personal favorites, Taylor Joelle Designs.


Two Girls with braid and hair bow wearing Ollie Jay Twirl Dress


2. Accessories always make a lasting impression! Jordan and Co added these seashell details to make a splash! This would also be such a cute detail for a DIY Halloween mermaid costume!


girl by pool with braided hair styles and shell accessories


3 + 4: Heather from Heather Shop Small brought us two looks we can't get over! And do you spy those cute Ollie Jay rainbow and lavender twirl dresses?

If you like the look, watch the video below for a full walk through!

girl in braided pigtail look, twirling in ollie jay dress on grass


Heather's second look on Emma is a super girly side bun with braids! This is an easy hairstyle for young girls that that more complicated that it really is! Bonus!

girl in lavender ollie jay twirl dress and modern piggy pow standing on grass


5. Navy Patten just bringing us back to the sweetness of childhood. I love the simplicity of the pigtail top braid. Wrap a section of hair around the rubber bands and add a matching bow set on top and voila! Ready to make some happy memories!

girl in twirl dress with braids and bow holding sunflowers


6. If you've got a little one who loves to get elaborate with her hair styles, you've got to follow Hair To Dream on Instagram! She has so many fun hairstyle ideas that last for several days in a row! My favorite is this look with heart clip accents by small shop Velvet and Kids. I personally own these clips and they are so versatile!


funky braid hairstyle with heart clips ollie jay dresses


7. The bubble braid look is so in right now! Is your little a Star Wars fan? This is the perfect Rey inspired Star Wars hair style! She would love this look - Halloween inspo or just a cute weekend ready do - get the full tutorial with video from Arin Solange right here


bubble braid hairstyle girl in ollie jay twirl dress


8. Heather from Peace Love Mommy shows another variation of the bubble braid. You guys, this is too cute not to try! I love the way she uses multi color bands to create a rainbow look!


Young girl in bubble braids and backpack giving peace sign


9. Chasing Nostalgia made this cute and simple side waterfall braid look and I just can not get over it. She covered all the angles, so your little girl is sure to look cute in this style on the playground or the party!


girl with side waterfall braid ollie jay twirl dress


10. Mama Blogger Amanda Ann Millan  did it not once - but twice! If you need a quick pick me up hair style, this is a go to for us! Separate the crown of the hair into two sections and do a loose braid on both sides, tie together with an elastic and pop on a cute bow. Done diddly done.

twi girls with braided hairstyles and cute leopard print bows ollie jay dresses


11. Mountains and Magnolias is bringing her A game with this boho chic whimsical I don't know how else to describe it besides pretty magical hair style for little girls. Pin in a cute bow for a little extra whimsy. This is a look that'll get everyones attention!

 girl with flower in braided hair pouring a watering can OllieJay dress

12. Another way to spruce up your hair game is with this "Unicorn Braid" as mama @mandiesano's little one calls it! Isn't that the cutest ( and accurate!) description of this pull through braid style? Add an Ollie Jay twirl dress and you're set up for a magical day!


girl with unicorn braid style in pink dress 

13. And last but not least one of my favorite creatives from ChelseeHood with a french braid and these two adorable felt bows from AlexanderSara (a local South Florida maker like myself!) 

chelseehood wearing olliejay twirl dress and felt bow

Hope you enjoyed this round up from Ollie Jay! If you try any of these braid styles make sure and tag us so we can see your creations @olliejayofficial


Ollie Jay