Small Shop Universal Discount Code – Ollie Jay

Small Shop Universal Discount Code


Our Small Shop community has united to offer a universal discount code to boost our economy. Each shop will be offering at least one of the discounts below and some will be offering all three! This is not a giveaway, and we are not asking you to follow any one, it’s just a boost code for everyone! 
WEAREUNITED15 (15% off orders under $50) 
WEAREUNITED20 (20% off orders under $100) 
WEAREUNITED25 (25% off orders over $100)
This is the time to stock up on birthday presents, baby shower gifts, back to school supplies (yes we are hopeful!), “thinking of you gifts”, and yes, even Christmas presents!
Thank for showing up for this small shop community + to support our economy! Feel free to share, tag all your friends, and repost to your stories👍🙏💕
Follow this # to shop small! #smallshopsinfluencersunited.